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Centro Cultural Vila Flor – Guimarães
Av. D. Afonso Henriques, 701 | Guimarães

The Vila Flor Cultural Center (CCVF) is a cultural facility, whose mission is to co-create, program and produce cultural activities in the field of the performing arts. It comprises two auditoriums, a Café Concerto, and Palácio Vila Flor, an 18th century building and its magnificent gardens.

Guimarães is considered the birthplace of Portugal because Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, was born here. The historical centre in the area that was within the Guimarães city walls was classified a World Heritage site based on the originality and authenticity applied in its restoration. The city maintains a well-preserved heritage that is evident in the graceful iron verandas, granite balconies and porticos, mansions, arches connecting the narrow streets, paving slabs smoothed by time, towers and cloisters.

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